In the world of fashion, price movements can speak volumes about a brand's trajectory. Two names, Jacquemus and Polène, have drawn attention not just for their stunning designs, but also for their significant price escalations in recent years. What’s behind these price increases? Could these brands aspire to luxury?


The rise in Jacquemus bags prices has been remarkable. Bags that cost $600 in 2022 now cost $300 more, which is a significant increase in a short period of time.

photos: Jacquemus website


Several factors contribute to this price surge:

  • Popularity Surge: Jacquemus has achieved immense popularity, which has increased its demand. As the brand gains followers in the market, prices tend to rise in tandem.
  • Material Quality and Rarity: Exclusive materials and limited availability influence price increases. If the bags employ superior materials or come in limited editions, it justifies the increased cost.
  • Market Dynamics: Demand fluctuations, especially for specific colors or designs, lead to price hikes. Certain bags may become iconic, driving their desirability and prices upward.

These changes position Jacquemus as more than just a contemporary brand and point to a possible shift towards luxury.


Similar trends are observed in Polène’s pricing strategy. The Numéro Dix and Umi bags have seen significant hikes over the years, with price increases of 61% and 33%, respectively, from 2022 to 2024. 

Numéro Dix Bag:

2022: $360
2023: $460
2024: $580
Umi Bag:
2022: $390
2023: $450
2024: $520
photos: Polòne website
The reasons behind this increase are similar to those observed at Jacquemus:
  • Increased Costs: Rising manufacturing and production costs due to higher demand could account for a substantial part of the price increase.
  • Material Quality and Demand: The use of high-quality materials and heightened demand for specific designs could contribute to the escalating prices.

The continuous surge in prices positions Polène as a brand on the verge of transcending its contemporary status.

Luxury Aspirations:

Could these brands be heading towards the luxury sector?

The significant price increases, alongside the brands' growing popularity, point to a shift in positioning. Luxury is not only defined by high prices but also by craftsmanship, exclusivity, and brand perception. Both Jacquemus and Polène are gradually embodying these traits, with exceptional designs, quality materials, and a growing appeal of exclusivity.

While they may not yet be fully entered into the luxury sector, the trajectory of these brands  suggests a potential evolution toward luxury status. However, this journey demands a delicate balance between maintaining exclusivity and expanding accessibility.

In conclusion, the rising prices of Jacquemus and Polène bags reflects not only the increased costs of production and materials, but also the growing appeal and demand for these brands. By positioning itself between contemporary and luxury, their future trajectory in the fashion hierarchy will be closely followed.

January 19, 2024 — Cesia Merary Vasquez Chicas